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of global investors incorporated ESG in investment decisions in 2018.

DéWarrior and our network of partners offer full-spectrum strategies for holistic, sustainable growth.


We believe that success in the new world depends on effective Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) frameworks cast at the foundation of every business. 


ESG strategies are at the core of long-term investment trends and are rapidly becoming the new global business standard. Investing in ESG designated assets has experienced a meteoric rise: sustainable investments are north of $30 trillion – a 68% rise since 2014. 


As the global economy transitions towards environmentally and socially conscious mindsets, businesses adhering to ESG principles are better able to expand and engage their market base, while mitigating risks, unforeseen environmental costs, and exposure to regulatory change.

DéWarrior helps to assess, strategize, design and implement every step of the ESG process, using customized and data-driven benchmarks that have proven to be effective. We are a contemporary strategy consulting agency that understands today’s business realities require solutions designed with full ESGi adherence.


While our experience spans several sectors, we have committed our efforts to the emerging Hemp and Cannabis industries. The revival of Hemp and Cannabis, alongside novel scientific innovations and effective framing will afford maximum sustainable benefit across the medical, construction, textile, food, and energy industries.

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Bank of America predicts ESG investing will rise to between $15-20 trillion dollars.
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DéWarrior and The Rosinfield Group have partnered to create a proprietary ESGi assessment, featuring over one hundred individually-weighted controls and implementation groups. The model provides companies with an in-depth diagnostic and grading system to future-proof their growth strategy. 

The Innovation variables of the model add a unique depth to The Rosinfield Group’s ratings curve that promotes the development of creative solutions for novel challenges.


Certifications &

Educational Programs

We've helped build the only 3rd-party accredited eLearning platform for cannabis and plant sciences. With a proprietary LMS and education design expertise, allow us to create bespoke education modules for your business or municipal departments. 


Our team consists of leading medical, scientific, financial & legal experts, and professors with years of hands-on experience.

We help represent sustainable brands through directed partnerships, investor materials, market positioning, capital introductions, deal strategy & negotiation.

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On average, global executives attribute 63% of their company's market value to their company's overall reputation. DéWarrior can help ensure your company will thrive as a leader in holistic prominence.

Heightened demand for ESG investments leads to rising valuations of stocks with high ESG scores, and likewise provides for higher valuations for startups during their initial fundraising.


Build Reputation & Trust

The global average cost of a data breach exceeds $3 million.


60% of small businesses that have suffered a data breach have gone out of business within six months.

​As business moves further into digital, new vulnerabilities arise – particularly in Cannabis, with unregulated private banks, mobile payments and cryptocurrencies. Security is Sustainability. DéWarrior can help you harden your systems and develop a long term cybersecurity strategy that is optimized for risk vs. impact. We combine NIST, ISO and CIS standards with our own ESGi controls to find the best balance for you, your network and all stakeholders.

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Hemp & Cannabis businesses boast 40% more women in leading positions compared to the U.S. S&P 500.

why Hemp

Hemp refers to multiple varieties of crops, authorised under the EU Catalogue, belonging to the ​Cannabis Sativa L​ species that have a low, non-narcotic (non-psychotropic) THC content. On the European continent, hemp has historically been grown for the textile industry to produce a variety of goods ranging from sails and ropes, and woven fabrics for clothing. 


The modern applications of this plant are far more versatile and can redefine the future of energy, agriculture, construction, and industrial production.


Hemp requires 50-70% less resources than comparable crops while sequestering more Greenhouse gases than any other land-based plant. It is abundant in highly bioavailable Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, with 25% of the calories in hemp seeds coming from protein that contains all essential amino acids. Hemp-based materials can replace plastics, wood, fossil fuels, and lithium batteries – storing more energy than graphene at a fraction of the cost. In fact, producing materials out of hemp lowers the carbon footprint of every industry in the value-chain. 


Hemp is uniquely efficient at remediating   contaminated soils, including land damaged by intensive mining or nuclear fallout. Hemp can rehabilitate land that is unfit for use, increasing its value and organic yield capacity.


why Cannabis

Varieties of the Cannabis Sativa L plant that have a high THC content present incredible possibilities for medicine, harm reduction from opioid use and addiction, decrease in damage from alcohol consumption, and more. 


With growing cannabis legalization efforts underway globally, setting the right foundation is imperative for long term societal benefits. The Cannabis industry is naturally positioned for ESG adherence, but the plant’s unique advantages are only accessed if cultivated appropriately.  


We work with leaders in sustainable, organic cannabis cultivation, distribution, and sale to ensure that both the regenerative benefits of the plant and the positive effect on the patient and user are optimized. 


Securing the path to a sustainable cannabis industry depends largely on education. We put education first and design all projects to educate our partners, customers, and stakeholders.

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630,000+ jobs are projected by 2025 in the U.S. across all sectors of the industry, 44% growth rate in 2019 alone.
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