Regenerative Management Consulting for Cannabis & Hemp. 

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Tackling the sustainable hemp & cannabis challenge.

DéWarrior works with ambitious and forward-looking organisations, people and clients. We deliver innovative, regenerative, ESG+ adherent growth strategies that guide the cannabis industry.

Services with an Impact.
Impact you can own.

We believe in impactful people, organizations, technologies and approaches. We provide the analytical, risk-discovery & business tools that allow your company to own its impact and expand possibilities.
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How we help our clients

ESG+ Assessment & Reporting

We help your company identify and assess key ESG+ metrics and provide compliant reporting and empowering corporate communication.


ESG+ Strategic Implementation

We design, implement, and showcase innovative strategies that drive value through advanced ESG+ adherence.


Management Consulting

We improve your company performance by quantitatively addressing your business development, tech. and organisational challenges.

Cannabinoid Rx

Supporting your company on its journey to pharmaceutical cannabis and Rx products, we identify and plan your go-to-market strategy. 

M&A Advisory

We provide a full suite of services supporting your M&A strategy, including valuation, modelling, risk and stakeholder management.


We achieve sustainable, biodynamic and compliant cannabis production – from modelling to project buildout and operational support. 




Market & Global Dynamics

Fiber & Materials

Energy & Regenerative Ecosystems

Healthcare & CBMs

Our Unique Approach


Our services & insights are filtered through our proprietary ESG+ lens. Driven by value, we focus on ESG & Innovation factors that stand the test of time.

The benchmark of the 21st Century Economy.

Global Reach

A decade of direct expertise in both North American and European markets with constant cross-pollination of networks, know-how, and ideas.

Thought leadership without borders.

Biodynamic Ag-Tech

Merging the principles of net-neutral biodynamic cultivation with the pinnacle of Dutch  horticulture and sustainable innovation is at the heart of what we do.

The standard for food, healthcare and composites.

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