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Wholistic Strategy to reframe sustain-ability.


What We Do

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Our puzzle...

360 Degrees  of Awareness™

+ Unprecedented sustain-ability protocols.

Integrating long-term decisions into daily practices.

Wholistic Innovation™

+ Future Proof

Merging timeless indigenous knowledge with the latest in technology and innovation.

+ AI Solutions from 50+ Global Partners

The only advisory firm delivering strategic innovation from the epicenter of decentralized

Artificial General Intelligence.

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Indigenous Counsel Approved™


+ Timeless Peace of Mind

Addressing four layers of impact: physical, economic, social, and spiritual.


This process creates long-lasting
(7-generation) economic and social value.


DéWarrior employs this method with precision.


How We Help


What Sets Us Apart

DeWarrior was formed in response to the ever-present need for authenticity in our hyper-natured era. We deliver bespoke transformation - reaching farther, wider, and smarter to connect you to your sustainable future.


Like the iconic baobab tree, with its remarkable longevity, water conservation ability, and service to sentience, DéWarrior wholistic strategy creates unprecedented results...


integrates the DéWarrior playbook for sustainable systems.

Bespoke sustain-ability guidance from DéWarrior.

Hands-on assistance to reinforce keystone habits.

are the results of your engagement with DéWarrior.


You, your products, and your services, truly sustainable. Your defining sustain-ability impact.



Education is the foundation of every DéWarrior project


Who Sets Us Apart

Leonid Kotlyar, Founder, President

Coach, mentor, and writer with 11 years of institutional securities experience. He has spent nearly two decades guiding senior corporate execs, creatives, and professional athletes alike, with a focus on our future. Expertise in emerging markets, risk management, senior relationship management, and derivative sales & trading.

Polina Kotlyar, Founder, Visionary Officer

Experienced medical practice management, hospice, and VA, professional with studies and independent research in biomedical science, public health, and integrated wellness. All shaping the (w)holistic vision for our team and customers with sustainable practices and habits. Her volunteer and philanthropic work connect DéWarrior to our global community.

Alex Hayes, Director of Digital Transformation

Multimedia production and education. Creative solutions specialist working with blockchain/ decentralized technologies and their applications. He connects DéWarrior’s systematic approach with the future of sustainable innovation, exposure, and maximum resonance with the 65%.



DéWarrior attributes success to creative expression.


We curate and engage with our digital publication Turn Your Light On for that reason.


TYLO is part of our commitment to stimulating creativity and promoting (w)holistic perspectives through a prism of sustainable indigenous solutions.


We invite you to co-create with us - submit your original words, photos, and artwork to the editor.


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