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Since the U.S. legalization wave, DéWarrior has helped clients better understand the global cannabis market, meet financial objectives, and position for growth across the entire value chain.

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DéWarrior began as the continuation of the founder’s private consulting practice initially offering CFO advisory, corporate structuring and strategy, and ESG services. Originally based in New York City, DéWarrior focussed on ambitious innovators looking to radically disrupt the market. To guide the economic, social, and sustainability paradigm shift brought forth by the multifaceted and diverse uses of the cannabis plant.

Working through the early successes and failures of legalization efforts in Colorado and Washington State along with stalled lobbying efforts on the East Coast, DéWarrior had a unique insight into the future of an industry. A decision was then made to relocate DéWarrior  to Amsterdam,  Netherlands and position the Company to steer the emerging European cannabis industry – poised to become the biggest market in the world.

Headquartered at the intersection of agricultural and sustainable innovation and epicenter of European cannabis, DéWarrior’s strategic location in the Netherlands allows for seamless knowledge sharing across the global industry. Our philosophical allegiance to regenerative cannabis is a product of our experience and location. We proudly combine holistic principles of organic, biodiverse methods of production with innovative technologies and systems.

Regenerative Management Consulting for Cannabis & Hemp

Numbers Speak For Themselves

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360-Degrees of Awareness is the goal we strive for with every engagement. Over-delivering by design to stimulate greater feedback and maximize innovative and aligned co-creation.

Thought Leadership

DéWarrior believes in clearly articulated points of view and a non group-think mentality. We lead with the data and allow our clients to discover the genesis of value for themselves. Contrarian thinking for unique solutions.

Surpassing Expectations

Our background in institutional capital markets, management consulting, and medical and laboratory management has ingrained exceptional standards of product delivery. We exceed expectations by design.

Our Internal ESG+

We practice what we preach and are a female owned, fully renewable energy powered, green-hosted, Ecosia-using Company. We believe in radical transparency and implicit honesty, constantly evaluating for optimality.

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