M&A Advisory

Embark on your M&A journey with the confidence of in-depth Quantitative Models, Scenario Analysis and Operational & IP Due Diligence. 

Financial Modelling & Valuation.

Production of quantitative models and financial projections for valuation (DCF, NPV, Comp. etc.) and performance analysis. Custom models capable of integrating specific externalities related to past-performance, personnel, innovation and others. 

Market & Product-fit Analysis.

Discover or enhance specific market data and product-market-fit analysis points to your assessment with DéWarrior’s expertise.

Operational & IP Due Diligence.

On-the-ground operational and IP assessments for due diligence purposes and stress-testing.

Stakeholder Communication & Negotiation Support.

Success of your M&A ultimately depends on your communication and negotiation skills as much as your preparation. DéWarrior is your trusted partner in accurate and effective stakeholder communication, on-call negotiation support and problem-solving. 

For holding companies, investment funds & family offices:

Supporting investors in their emerging-industries portfolio expansion, exposure and overall risk-management. Critical review and support in valuation and performance estimates, due diligence functions and corporate communication. Identification and evaluation of suitable opportunities. 

For companies:

Pre-fundraising / IPO strategy, restructuring, corporate communication & data room creation (Projections & models, operational performance, critical IP and risk-mitigation strategies). Support with fundraising, creation of communication materials, data-room management & negotiation advice. 

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